Different types of glass pipes for you to choose from

glass pipes

The legalisation of marijuana and its widespread acceptance in society have recently increased. You’ll need a smoking device to inhale cannabis or CBD flower. Use of glass pipes is advised. What additional types of glass pipes are available? This guide will assist you in choosing the glass pipe from your preferred retailer, such as Kandy smoke, that best suits your preferences.

Dope rigs

Dab rigs are widely used. They filter water in a way that is similar to how a pipe works. They refer to cannabis strains that are extremely potent. Once the chamber housing the water filtering mechanism has been heated, marijuana can be smoked. Think about a quartz banger when purchasing a dab ring.


Chillum is a popular glass cylindrical portable pipe from India. The chillum should be above the marijuana. The cannabis is then lit and smoked after that. If necessary, a chillum can be used in place of a spoon. It is the perfect option for persons who smoke on a regular basis because it is inhaled.


The chillums are enormous in relation to the steamroller. Steamrollers, which also have a huge cylinder for breathing in the smoke, are used to store marijuana. This is designed for heavy smokers who are used to taking higher doses than usual. When a chillum is insufficient, it is advised to use a steamroller instead. Steamrollers are larger than standard chillums, yet both may still be carried around.

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These are commonplace items that are utilised in the marijuana smoking process. They are relatively portable and tiny. The end of the spoon is deep. There is marijuana in this bowl. The marijuana is then lit in the bowl, and the spoon’s mouthpiece is used to inhale the marijuana smoke. A spoon can be useful for people who smoke frequently and need something portable. You may always start a collection if you and your friends want to smoke together but marijuana is too expensive for everyone.


Different types of pipes called bongs can be used to smoke marijuana. As the smoke moves through the water chamber of a water pipe, it is filtered and cooled. As a result, the smoke’s flavour has improved. Bongs aren’t portable like spoons. If you want to smoke marijuana in the comfort of your own home, think about using a bong. You’ll need to purchase some bongs if you want friends to hang out with you. Check out your options for buying a bong online.


Bubblers Try employing bubblers if you enjoy putting on a show. Boisters are the name given to bongs with attached spoon pipes. The spoon pipe is used to smoke marijuana and to store it. In that they feature a water chamber that may be used to filter and cool smoke, they operate similarly to larger bongs. When it comes to smoking accessories, a lot of individuals prefer bubblers to bongs and spoons. The portable bubbler is not particularly big in size. A bubbler is created by combining a pipe with a spoon.