Direct Burials vs Traditional Burials

Direct Burials vs Traditional Burials

It is quite reasonable that so many people want to cut costs since so many funerals in the UK now cost over £4,500. There is no need to spend a tonne of money burying someone who has just died away, even while it is true that cremations are often less expensive than burials. This is due to the availability of inexpensive direct burials that only include the necessities. Read on if you believe that a direct burial could be right for you but are unsure of what you might be giving up.

A Direct Burial: Definition

There is no service with a straight burial. No officiant, whether secular or religious, will preside over the ceremony. Simply said, the designated funeral directors will move the deceased’s encoffined body to the burial site and drop it into the grave. There won’t be a burial at the graveside, a speech, hymns, prayers, or flowers. Even the coffin will be a low-cost option, typically made of veneered or strong cardboard.

The Difference Between Traditional Funerals and Direct Burials

In essence, direct burials are condensed versions of traditional funerals that only include the components necessary to properly dispose of human remains in accordance with British law. They cover all the fundamentals, despite the fact that they are frequently defined by what they do not include. As a result of the lack of bother and ceremony, many individuals prefer them. Some people go so far as to include them in their wills, stating that any savings should be used to fund family gatherings instead. Please be aware that some cemetery may have regulations regarding burial markers. Typically, a direct funeral entails a very plain grave marker with no extravagant or ornate items being permitted.

What the Price of Direct Burials?

Exact costs are difficult to determine because they vary from service provider to service provider for all funeral services, including direct burials. Additionally, they frequently increase in cost over time as a result of inflation. What can be said is that a normal direct burial will cost less than a fifth of what a traditional burial typically costs. In other words, they cost significantly less.

Can I Make Advance Payments for My Own Direct Burial?

You can, indeed. More and more people in the UK are choosing to pay for their own direct funeral in advance, claims Newrest Funerals, a professional funeral planning agency. Usually, this is done because they don’t want the cost of their funeral to deplete the estate they leave behind. A direct burial plan that breaks the cost into monthly payments may be advantageous to you if you want to give more to your surviving loved ones. Of course, if you are ready to do away with some of the more conventional aspects of a standard burial would greatly influence this. However, it is important to remember that conventional funerals can also be pre-paid for in today’s world.