The Best Free Online IQ Tests for Kids

Online IQ Tests


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Looking for an IQ test for your kids?

As parents, it is our duty to give our children a solid intellectual foundation. Our responsibility is to continuously search for fresh and improved approaches to improve their education.

We need to look into their educational capacity in order to accomplish this commitment.

The IQ test is a poor predictor of academic success. On the contrary, it puts our analytical and reasoning abilities to the test. Instead of providing factual information, it serves as a measure of intellectual potential.

We’ve compiled the best free online IQ tests in this article so that your kids can assess their cognitive ability. You ought to take an IQ test

frequently to maintain a high level of intelligence.

Let’s look at them together!

It’s interesting to note that this IQ test may modify its questions based on the participant’s age. It needs a birthday in order to select the most pertinent questions. Your exam results will be displayed immediately after you finish. Additionally, the website will give you a link to a page where you may read more about the importance of your score.

On the same page, there is an embed code that you may copy and paste into your website, online portfolio, or resume.

You may flaunt this to the world by adding it to your profile as a badge of honour. Do you not feel trapped by these outcomes? Test your IQ once more using a fresh set of questions.

The Mental Matrix

The free IQ test offered by Brain Metrix consists of twenty multiple-choice questions. Since it only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to finish, your kids shouldn’t feel pressured. Before you start, though, you must make sure they are at peace and relaxed.

When your child is finished, instruct them to click the “submit” button. The website will then display their grade and a justification. Do not become alarmed if your child performs poorly on the exam since keep in mind that it is not intended to measure genuine IQ. It evaluates your children’s current knowledge instead.

You Can See Into My Mind

This online IQ test from See My Personality measures several different facets of mental sharpness. Like conventional IQ tests, this one isn’t interested in determining your level of knowledge. Instead, it wants to know more about how smart you are.

In case you’re curious, See My Personality also offers IQ-boosting suggestions. Both the role your IQ can play in determining your level of success and how it may become a predictor of your behaviour as you mature are covered.

IQ Test for Free

This IQ test website is great since it is minimalistic, simple to use, and entertaining. You can access your results without paying anything or becoming a member. When you’re finished, it will display your results along with your category and exam time. Additionally, it will give you HTML code so you may publish your IQ level on your own website or blog.

The exam consists of 20 questions that were created utilising the WAIS IQ test methodology. Be patient; your time will count toward your final grade. You may be sure that your grades will stay a secret as well because the findings are anonymous.


The IQ test developed by Memorado is simple. Since the questions aren’t too difficult but also aren’t too simple to be meaningless, we believe it’s perfect for kids. Using the website won’t be a problem for kids because of how user-friendly it is.

Despite calling itself a “gym for the brain,” this tool goes above and beyond simple tests and quizzes to enhance cognitive ability. It also has training tools and activities that might help you develop your thinking. If you want to improve your IQ and train your brain (or the brains of your children), check out this website.


Before making any judgments concerning your children’s education, it is a good idea to assess their intellect. Do not assume that a child’s low test scores indicate insufficiency in intelligence. The information only displays what your kids need to enjoy their schoolwork and not feel overburdened by it.