Things To Consider Before Going To Thailand For Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

Do you plan to enrol in a yoga teacher training programme in Thailand? That is a really wise decision if your response is “yes.” Each nation has both good and bad aspects. But if you contrast a few of the characteristics, you’ll undoubtedly conclude that Chiang Mai, Thailand, is one of the greatest locations for your yoga teacher training. You would be aware of the area’s natural splendour if you had previously visited as a tourist. Unquestionably, it ranks among the best natural wonders. It is a very divine spot to be because of the lush forests, highlands, hills, and temples.

After retirement, a lot of people travel there for that reason. Find out what gives you the final push to choose Thailand as the location for your yoga practise.

Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand for 200 Hours

Your journey through Thailand’s history will take you back at least 2,000 years. Yoga has a long history that dates back centuries. You’ll notice a distinct tranquilly when you visit the temples in Thailand and interact with the monks. One of the top locations for yoga is Chiang Mai, which is worth highlighting. The fact that it is less expensive than South Thailand is another fantastic feature of the area. Who could forget about all those mouthwatering foods? Food is consumed by the Thai either raw, blanched, seasoned, or lightly tossed in oil. Along with the saut├ęs, you also get to dine on fresh vegetables. So, that is comparable to the Sattvic diet used by yogis. India is without a doubt the country where yoga first originated. The city of Rishikesh in the state of Uttarakhand is renowned as the centre of yoga in the world. However, right now, especially in Chiang Mai, yoga tourism is at its peak. Thus, you are always welcome to train there for a few days. Many areas of Thailand’s suburbs are still mostly unexplored by mass tourism. In Chiang Mai, Thailand, you can enrol in classes taught by Yoga Vidya Mandiram. A fantastic approach to relax is to train away from home.

a fantastic way to relax.

There, you may find a variety of yoga classes. The epicentre of the prehistoric science is Chiang Mai. The majority of Westerners travel to Thailand for the 200-hour yoga teacher training programme for this reason. Thailand also scores highly on the happiness and smiling scale. As a result, you might notice people grinning randomly. What better way to practise yoga than to smile? Yoga is all about the mind and the soul. Before you travel to Thailand for yoga teacher training, there are a few things you should bear in mind. Let’s learn more details about them.

What to think about before going there?

You should keep a few things in mind as you prepare to embark on a transformational journey.

Thailand is a stunning country, and the North and South have very different climates. You should therefore pack lightweight, breathable clothing that is not too tight. You will spend a lot of time doing yoga during the retreat. There’s a strong chance you’ll also go on yoga expeditions, though. Wearing light clothing will enable you to move and wriggle your body with ease. Bring cardigans with you for the chilly nights in the highlands. The coldest time of year is from October through January.
A lightweight scarf is something you should always have on hand for daytime headwear. You will avoid the sun thanks to it. Additionally, before entering some temples, you must cover your shoulders. You can use the scarf to shield yourself from the brisk nighttime breeze as well. Do not forget to bring scarves and appropriate winter clothing. Because Chiang Mai is a hilly area, you might want to wear cover in the evenings.
When travelling to Chiang Mai, it is best to have your shoes because you will be walking a lot. You might be up for going on some adventurous walks via the area’s rugged landscape. Therefore, wearing closed-toe shoes while walking around is a smart idea. You can carry flip-flops to yoga class.
Carry your phone with you as well so you may take some nice pictures on the uneven terrain among the rocks and caves. Your friends and family back home can always see them. It also acts as motivation for your upcoming students. They can also be utilised for advertising on social media. A high-quality camera will also work.
In addition to the aforementioned, you should visit Thailand for yoga with an open mind and heart, and always pack your personal items, medications, yoga mats, and water bottles.

Programming Highlights

One of the most complex programmes available in Chiang Mai is the 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand offered by Yoga Vidya Mandiram. Both short-term and long-term courses are available. There are also retreat possibilities.

The Initiative

Additionally, you will be absorbing some of the school’s values. They consist of:

Ahimsa – All of the school’s activities are conducted without using violence. Additionally, it is very important for salvation and sadhana. You will be inspired to carry out your daily responsibilities while keeping ahimsa’s precepts close to your heart.
Another feature of the training is the concept of selfless service. Hold the seva principle in high regard while you go about your daily tasks. Your path will be free of obstacles as a result.
The secret to increased insight is patience. Make use of the best advice if you want to succeed in life. Be patient in everything you do.
The school treats its faculty and students like one large family. As a result, you will immediately sense a sense of familiarity and connection when you begin your training in Thailand. The school also promotes peaceful living and the concept of “live and let live.” This serves as the inspiration behind Thai yoga practise.
Genuine Thai culture can be seen in Chiang Mai. Additionally, the Yoga Alliance certification gives the instruction additional credibility. You will observe overall growth, not only in the yoga world but in all facets of life. You can experience the ecstasy that sages experience. Additionally, the institution places a strong emphasis on yogic lifestyle during lessons. As a result, you can select relatively modest lodging. When you let go of something, many different things come back to you. You must take pleasure in your training in Thailand and prepare for a comprehensive life that lies ahead. Choose the greatest training in Thailand right away.