Why become a marketing major and how it can further your career


Most occupations now include a significant amount of marketing. Here is information you should know about the courses you will study, the professions to which your qualification can lead, and examples of how to utilise marketing in the real world if you are thinking about obtaining a qualification in this field.

What you will discover

Depending on the job path you want to pursue, Emerson College offers three concentrations for its online master’s in marketing programme. The primary focus of this certificate is digital marketing, but you can also choose to focus on content strategy, marketing analytics, or social media and digital PR.

You can finish all of your curriculum online, and you can graduate in 15 months. Brand storytelling, web and social media analytics, leveraging tools like Google Analytics and HubSpot, and learning to comprehend the motivations and behaviour of your customers are some of the subjects covered in the course. This will equip you for any position you decide to pursue following graduation.

You’ll learn how to develop and execute a complete marketing campaign by studying the fundamentals of digital marketing. You’ll discover the strategies to employ to appeal to your intended audience online. This is where the majority of consumers either shop or find things, hence it is crucial to marketing.

your master’s degree can lead to

In order to decide what to specialise in, it helps to have some concept of the type of marketing profession you are interested in. Here are a few possible occupations for you.

using social media

You might choose the social media and digital PR certificate if you wish to work in social media marketing.

This will show you how to market on social media, using HubSpot and Hootsuite, and using a range of platforms to reach your audience, including as blogs, podcasts, and emails.

If you choose this career, you can be in charge of designing GIFs, paid commercials, and customer service in addition to developing the social media marketing plan for your company. Your objectives will include gaining and keeping followers, boosting website traffic, and monitoring outcomes. You will be able to see from this study which elements of your approach are effective and which ones need to be modified or enhanced.

media consumer

You can pursue a profession as a media buyer with the assistance of your master’s degree. Your task will be to purchase media space for advertisements. Additionally, this calls for setting media advertising objectives, haggling over costs with media management teams, and interacting with experts from various fields.

Strong negotiating abilities, critical thinking, and an analytical attitude are required. Your master’s degree will aid in your skill development.


A profession as a copywriter is another option. Although a degree is not required for this job, having one can help you write better copy and set yourself apart from other people in the field who lack formal education.

Your experience level and the employer both affect your salary. As an alternative, you might become a freelancer and raise your income by accepting more work at a higher rate of pay to surpass an employer’s salary.

If you’re interested in working as a copywriter, specialising in content strategy can be a suitable choice. This will demonstrate how to use your marketing expertise to develop a successful content strategy. Additionally, you’ll discover how to develop captivating content and modify it for various audiences and platforms.

graphic artist

If you already possess graphic design abilities, your education may enable you to pursue a graphic design job that focuses on marketing. This might make you stand out from the competition when you apply for graphic designer jobs. Your marketing master’s degree will teach you how to create marketing graphics that will effectively engage your target audience and attract new clients.

Another profession where working freelance could increase your income is this one.

working in online retail

Your degree can help you learn vital information about consumers and how to advertise to them effectively if you want to work in marketing for e-commerce.

The abilities you acquire will enable you to draw more customers to your internet business, comprehend their purchases and come up with strategies to persuade them to make a purchase, as well as comprehend their reasons for leaving without making a purchase.

If you want to work in ecommerce, you can decide to focus on marketing analytics.

Examples of the usage of marketing

There are several ways to employ marketing. The course can help you become ready for a job that focuses on audience knowledge and outreach in order to get people to buy your product, follow you on social media, or engage with your business in some other way.

The way Spotify employs an algorithm to provide track and artist recommendations based on user-created playlists is one example of how marketing is employed effectively in the real world. Even though many listen to these for free with advertisements interspersed, hearing new music keeps listeners interested for longer. By playing more commercials to those who listen for longer periods of time, Spotify boosts their revenue.

Another business that use efficient marketing is Nike. To entice clients to buy sportswear so that they might be more active, they came up with the tagline “Just Do It.” Although this goes beyond individuals who take part in sports, their marketing also draws in customers who care about fashion when buying casual clothing. They now have two target demographics to choose from: those who want to be trendy and those who want to be more active.

Your marketing master’s degree will assist you in applying what you learn to actual marketing campaigns, slogan creation, leveraging AI technologies to connect with and understand your audience, and much more. It can help you understand behaviours and motivations, which is a sought-after ability. It can also lead to many various occupations.